2:00 PM - 7/20/2016

trainwreck leaves the station

"matilda james was spotted leaving a studio in london yesterday afternoon with friends and long time producer. after a hiatus during which she had her son jackson with actor aaron fyfer, james released her first music in years back in 2014. sheezus yielded mixed reviews. it seems she's giving it another go round - this time bringing back the powerhouse prodcution talent that sent alright, still to the top of the charts"

so this walking disaster/deadbeat mother/massive whore has once again left her baby behind so she can pretend like she has a career. she can bring in whatever producer she likes (funny it's the one who broke up her engagement with aaron) but we all know this is going to be a huge flop. cannot wait for this bitch to fail again

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20th-July-2016 2:07 PM (UTC)
probably all alone in this but i think it's great that her and aaron have been able to work out their differences and co-parent their kid like adults. they both have to work and aaron is a good dad so... where's the problem here? also she's been friends with this producer for like ... ten years? so them hanging out isn't a scandal~ you're fucking reaching
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20th-July-2016 2:10 PM (UTC)
lol in what world has this drug addled idiot ever been a good co-parent? aaron takes the bulk of her bullshit. please step aside if you're going to come in here fake stanning for aaron when you clearly just want to hero worship this pond scum
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20th-July-2016 2:10 PM (UTC)
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20th-July-2016 2:09 PM (UTC)
yaaaaas queen
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